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Filter band of wastewater treatment plant2017-11-07

I have engaged in the sewage, solid waste treatment and disposal of consulting, design, project management and project operation, is currently leading a team to work in a medium-sized state-owned enterprises, is research

Treatment of salt sludge by Van filter press2017-10-30

Probably you may not be familiar with UV, or probably know it by another word - Ultraviolet. I trust as you read through, you no longer be a stranger to it. As we all know, Ultraviolet can be used for sterilization and di

What kind of filter cloth is good for press filter?2017-10-30

The traditional photosensitive network method will be eliminated At present, most printing and dyeing enterprises are still using the traditional photographic network system. The principle of photosensitive network is to

Advantages of diaphragm filter press2017-10-30

Blue net making machine is a mechanical device used to need in printing and dyeing industry, a major use of UV laser system is the use of accurate focusing and stable printing network embryo photoptic gum on direct exposu

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