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Price of sludge dewatering net2018-02-02

Belt type sludge dewatering machine is composed of two bar tensioning belt filter with sludge layer, from a series of rolling drum arranged in law is in the shape of S through the filter belt tension

Sludge dewatering mesh belt manufacturer2017-11-07

Sludge dewatering belt:mainly used for Sludge dewatering fabric or sludge dewatering in sewage treatment factories. it has the characteristics of good water permeability, air permeability and non-revealed sludge, acid-res

Polyester filter belt2017-11-07

1 Filter cloth product can be used on horizontal beltfiltering machine or vertical filtering machine. 2 It is liquid-solid separation product and high quality, which can meet customers requirements. 3It isextensively used

How to use the Round net washing Machine2017-10-30

The Round net washing machine is one kind of common equipment for modern printing and dyeing processes. The round net washing machine (nickle mesh) is mainly aimed at printing and dyeing enterprises that do cleaning suppl

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