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What kind of filter cloth is good for press filter?

Release time:2017-10-30 10:22Author:Hangzhou YiQing filter material Co., Ltd.

The filter cloth has the advantages of fast filtration speed, less clogging and stable filtration rate
Cloth processing: according to customer drawings size processing and special processing, such as brush glue cloth, filter cloth, filter cloth, filter cloth wrapping embedded punch, monofilament lining, cloth steel buckle connection, to be kind to the drawing processing, the finished product can be directly in the bag filter used.
Filter cloth features: 1, improve productivity, reduce cycle time
2, * * * cake effect
3, effectively reduce the cleaning frequency
4. Clear filtrate
5, dry filter cake, the artificial efficiency of * * *
6, filter service life * * Dahua
7, the cost is greatly reduced
Product performance
Filter material: complete (polyester, polypropylene, nylon, vinylon, etc.)
Filtration accuracy: from 1 microns -150 microns (picture shows that the product filter accuracy is about 1 microns)
Tightness. It has high pressure resistance and good sealing property.  Central brush can be used to prevent capillary leakage.
Precise processing (especially critical for embedded filter press cloth): tailored to the exact dimensions to ensure the molding part and press edge slot alignment. Otherwise, can not be installed, or installed to wear tight cloth, affect the filtering effect.
Integral heat setting treatment (W): improving filtration accuracy and enhancing stability. Reduce shrinkage deformation.
The surface of Calender Processing (k): to improve filtering accuracy, smooth surface of filter cake is easy to peel, easy cleaning cloth.
Filter cloth is the heart of filter press, and the quality of fabric directly affects the filtration effect of press filter. Moreover, the filter cloth and the processing level are both indispensable. Our filter press filter cloth is mainly medium thick fabric, and has an independent high-tech processing workshop.
Characteristics: 1. Good acid and alkali resistance, high tensile strength.
2, after setting treatment, smooth and smooth, breathable, permeable better.
3, tough and durable, easy peeling and easy regeneration of filter cake characteristics.
4. The interface is made of acid resistant and alkali resistant high strength wire, durable.

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