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  Hangzhou YiQing Filter Material Co., Ltd. is a new professional company, which produces and sales polyester mesh, polyester filter belt, filter cloth and non-woven cloth.
The main polyester mesh and filter belt are: rubber thread conveyor belt, curing belt, polyester dryer belt and polyester sludge dewatering mesh, polyester spiral dryer fabrics, polyester conveyor belt ,polyester paper-making belt , belt filter press cloth, vacuum network, power plant desulfurization mesh;
The main filter cloths are: filter cloth, dehydrate filter cloth, non-woven cloth, and non-woven bag, filter bag, liquid bag, dust bag etc.
Polyester mesh and filter belt have the following characters: acid, high temperature, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, good stability, good filtratioformance, cakes easily to peel and so on. The products use high quality materials and advanced technology so that have high joint strength, long service life. Products are widely used in latex
industry, paper industry, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, food drying, sewage plants, fruits and vegetables press, pharmaceutical, power plant desulfurization, printing and dyeing industries.
 The filter cloth has the following characteristics: acid, oxidation high temperature, good wear resistance, good permeability, easily stripping. The products are widely used in chemical, ceramics, kaolin, pharmaceuticals, leather, printing, steel, construction, cement, mining and other industries.
“Focus professional, pursuit excellence, and service customer” is the spirit of Yi Qing People. The whole company warm welcomes your advice and buy.

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    Hangzhou Yi Qing filter materials Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sale of filters, filters and filter cloth of the new company. The main products are: belt filter press, filter belt, polyester sludge dewatering net, spiral dry mesh, polyester conveyor belt, vacuum belt filter, filter cloth, belt dehydrator, filter cloth, plate and frame filter cloth, filter press filter cloth, filter bag....
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