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Release time:2018-05-09 19:53 author:Hangzhou YiQing filter material Co., Ltd.

Product characteristics: sewage treatment filter net, sludge dewatering filter cloth, sludge dewatering filter belt, sewage treatment net belt
Product Description: belt setting stability, sewage treatment brand net cloth deformation, no deviation, not pleated, high tensile strength, strong acid. It can be high and low temperature. Good air permeability.
Detailed introduction:
The reed of the joint is strong and wearable. The thickness of the interface is uniform and light, and it is not easy to hurt the scraper.
The glue on both sides of the filter is used as the imported latex. It is soft and uniform, and it is not easy to fall off.
The surface is smooth, the mud cake is easy to peel off, and the filter belt is easily flushed.
The direction of the diameter is not easy to be deformed, no arch, no wrinkle. Long service life has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.
Different specifications and sizes can be customized for production. Yiqing company can provide product selection, size measurement, door-to-door installation, machine debugging and other one-stop service. Yiqing company promises: "preferential price, high quality after-sales service"
The products are widely applied to sludge dewatering in municipal wastewater treatment plant, paper mill, printing and dyeing plant, chemical plant, electroplating plant, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, ceramic factory, mining industry and so on.
Please call for the detailed technical parameters of the product.

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