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Polyester spiral filter press

Release time:2018-05-11 20:18 author:Hangzhou YiQing filter material Co., Ltd.

Product characteristics: spiral mesh drying conveyor belt, conveying spiral mesh belt, spiral conveyor mesh belt, polyester spiral conveyor belt
Product Description: polyester spiral net belt conveyor with advantages of high viscosity polyester wire, after molding, weaving, finishing and setting. With a fine and uniform mesh, leakage of small objects. It can block the spiral stem network middle filler bearing permeability reduced, mesh density, reduce the loss of the mesh material. The lateral stiffness

Polyester conveyor belt, also known as PET conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, automatic conveyor belt, with high modulus, small elongation, good heat stability, impact resistance, suitable for medium and long distance, high discretion, high-speed transportation of materials.
Polyester conveyor belt (PET conveyor belt) features:
1. high strength, thin belt, light weight
2. belt soft, good groove, good elasticity
3. impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
4. to adapt to larger load, faster speed and medium and long distance material transportation
5. running smoothly without deviation
Detailed technical parameters are welcome to inquire

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