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Polyester spiral dryer mesh

Release time:2018-05-11 20:17 author:Hangzhou YiQing filter material Co., Ltd.

Polyester spiral dryer mesh:
Product Description
Polyester spiral belt is made from first-class monofilament, as the characteristics of stable property and long work time. 
Advantages of polyester spiral belt:
1. Flat surface, not easily cracked 
2. Stable shaped, not easily deviation and fold.
3. Good air permeability 
4. can resist high temperature for120℃-160℃
5.Lower shrinkage,less than 0.7%(using temperature 100℃-120℃)
6. Long lifespan 
Polyester spiral dryer fabric is widely used in paper drying, industrial conveyor belt, sludge dewatering, mineral processing, pulp washing, coal washing, chemical, food, printing and dyeing
1. Use high-quality and viscosity polyester wire processing, after molding, weaving, finishing, and forming.
2. Features: breathable, easy to repair, smoothly surface, long service life, convenient installation and usage.
3. Application: mainly used for paper mill paper drying, textile printing and dyeing product drying, the following applies to m600/s speed. Sludge dewatering, drying and conveying, material screening, dewatering is suitable for horizontal belt vacuum washer bottom net (to replace the rubber band).
4. The belt length can be cut according to need; the damaged surface can be repaired, so that the belt can extend service life.
Convenient repair and use, greatly reduces the cost of production. To solve the general mesh waste caused by the problem of inaccurate size.

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