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Release time:2017-11-07 10:12 author:Hangzhou Yi Qing filter material Co., Ltd.

Thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization of flue gas desulfurization with | filter cloth
Processing material: polyester material: polyester filter cloth type: compound filter cloth
Technology: double weave brand: Yi Qing type: high efficiency
Scope of application: air purifier; filter applicable object: coal use: solid-liquid separation
Performance: acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature specifications: a variety of specifications thickness: S
Weaving: herringbone net unit weight: S g/ square meters of warp density: S /10cm
Weft density: S /11cm fabric thickness: S mm: S L/ *s square meters of air permeability
Does it contain filter material: no model: filter band
Product characteristics: high stability flue gas desulfurization filter cloth, high temperature flue gas desulfurization filter cloth, long life flue gas desulfurization filter cloth, high strength flue gas desulfurization filter cloth
Product Description: or machine; material: polyester; cloth type: double cloth; double fabric; process: Brand: Yi Qing; type: high efficiency; scope of application: air purifier; filter; object: use: coal; solid-liquid separation; performance: acid resistance; alkali; high temperature; specifications: specifications thickness: S;; knitting: herringbone net; unit weight: S g/ square meters; warp density: S /10cm; weft density: S /11cm; fabric thickness: S mm: S L/; air permeability square meters *s; whether it contains not; model: filter: filter belt

Detailed introduction:

At present, the limestone / gypsum forced oxidation process is mainly used in flue gas desulfurization system of thermal power plant, which belongs to wet flue gas desulfurization. The flue gas desulfurization filter cloth of Yi Qing production adopts high viscosity polyester (PET/PP/) monofilament material, and is produced by advanced equipment and process. The filtering performance is good, easy to plug, easy to peel off the cake. In particular, the use of high quality materials and advanced technology to make the mesh belt joint strength is high, and easy to install and use.

Advantage performance:
1, flue gas desulfurization cloth special section monofilament and multifilament wires, can capture 2 ~ 10 micron filter cake moisture of material material is easy to peel off rate is low;
2, 316L steel buckle joint and high strength joint process make the product joint firm, not easy to break the vacuum, long service life
3, with acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature (can be used in a long time operation in the environment of 150) long service life, generally reached more than 5000 hours
4. according to the user needs to control the air filler according to the actual condition of customers can create in the network, providing network with different types.
5. The filter cloth of flue gas desulfurization has high stability, easy to filter cloth flat, long-term use will not appear discounted tearing phenomenon, so as to facilitate the filtration of uniform filtration.

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