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Buckle type filter belt

Release time:2018-05-09 19:53 author:Hangzhou YiQing filter material Co., Ltd.

Model Type 01
Material Material:PET warp warp:0.7/PET; weft weft:0.9/PET
Density Density: (yam/10cm): meridian warp:162; latitude weft:41
The permeability is Air permeability: (L/m2.S) 127Pa 3400-3550
Water permeability Water, permeability: (m3/m2.s): 0.40-0.42
Permeable resistance Permeability, resistance:, X106 (mm) 2.95-3.05
Maximum bubbling pore size Maximum, bubbling, aperture: m 2330
Boiling aperture Boling aperture: m 1967
The aperture ratio is Aperture ratio: 0.84
Void fraction Porosity:% 56
Thickness Thickness:mm 2.30
Thickness, wear rate, revolution, the, wear, rate, of, thickness:n=104 (%): 6.75
Meridional fracture strength Longitudinal elongation:N/cm 2700
Weight Weight:g/m2 1330
The products are widely used in the belt filter press dewatering machine / belt / belt filter press sludge, sludge dewatering and environmental protection link is mainly used in sewage treatment plant, chemical plant, paper factory, leather factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, steel mills, coal washing plant and other fields.

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